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Antonio Caetano

Antonio Caetano

Nuclear Physicist

Passion for music

Composing is one of my great passions. The beginning of this musical score corresponds to “Vidalita del Cerro uruguayo”, a trio of vidalitas composed with the help of Mr Alberto Cobo.

In Montevideo

Swiss school, Montevideo. This is a photo of myself with my brother Abilio, wearing a uniform consisting of a white tunic and a blue bow. The map of Uruguay can be seen in the background to the photo, as a symbol of what actually happened.


My interests include composing, with pieces based on the Spanish guitar and registered in the Spanish Society of Authors. Some of my songs have been released on CD by the Choir of the Brotherhood of El Rocío in Madrid. At present, I continue my piano studies at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Advanced computing is another of my interests, and I have extensive knowledge of Adobe programmes such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, LightRoom and InDesign. Finally, digital photography is another of my preferred interests, and I have high-quality Nikon equipment to take shots in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and specialised computer programmes for HDR such as Artizen and Photomatix Pro.


Nuclear Physics.

I was born in Huelva, Spain. I completed Primary and Secondary studies in Montevideo, Uruguay. From 1970 to 1975 I combined (and financed) my University Studies with my post as “Head of Studies” at the Hernando Colón Hall of Residence, of the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE. It was at the University of Seville, Spain, that I completed my degree studies in Nuclear Physics.

I was a Physics and Chemistry teacher at the Junior College of the University of Seville and I also taught the same subjects at the Santa María del Castillo School in Buitrago de Lozoya, in the Community of Madrid.

I graduated as a Spanish War Naval Officer at the Military Academy in Pontevedra and at the Tercio Armada in Cádiz.

Wartime Naval Officer

Alongside the Moroccan Green March, our Navy advanced into the area. As a Communications Officer, when I completed this operation, I was given a special medal “for merits in the Sahara”.


I began my career in professional management at 3M ESPAÑA (Communications and Public Relations Supervisor) and was later hired by GENERAL MOTORS (General Manager for Communications, Public Relations, Training and Safety).

Design and Presentation of the CIRCUIT OF JEREZ

During my time at General Motors, I undertook several different activities. One of the most important was to envisage, design, present and complete the Circuit of Jerez de la Frontera. I put this idea into practice and several years later it was described in an article “Los pioneros de General Motors” (The pioneers of General Motors), published in the Diario de Cádiz newspaper. This article was included in the Sunday supplement on 27 July 2007.

With the invaluable help of the General Motors Engineer, Cayetano Gómez, we both defined the Base Topographic Lines of the Circuit, which I later presented to the then Mayor of Jerez City Council, Mr Pacheco.

The Mayor found the project to be very innovative and said that he would study the possibility and suitability of its implementation in the town of Jerez. He confirmed that he would present it before the City Council Plenary.

The diagram that I presented to Mr Pacheco showed the lines suggested by Cayetano Gómez, based on the topography of the land where the circuit could be built, near to the town. It was subsequently carried out by the architects of Opel (G. Motors), Russelheim.

I then joined CITIBANK, as the General Manager of the Marketing Department. I concluded this initial professional chapter at ELECTROLUX, as the General Marketing Manager

Launch of OPEL in Zaragoza with His Majesty

An important day for me as the head of communications of the launch (where the Opel Corsa would be manufactured) and it all went perfectly.

Launch of OPEL in Puerto Real, Cádiz.


His Majesty talks to the President of General Motors, Mr Roger B. Smith, about the positive future envisaged for the Opel Corsa, later confirmed by the market.

GM in Detroit

A great experience at the press conference given by the President of General Motors, Mr Smith, in Detroit. I attended along with Mr Kowalsky.

Citibank in Madrid

General Director at Citibank. “I think I was lucky to experience Citibank’s best moment in Spain”.

Puerta de Alcalá

Shot of Citibank’s Executive team taken from the terrace of Citibank’s headquarters in Spain. Puerta de Alcalá. Nothing to add.


I have many fond memories of Electrolux, particularly of my colleagues and experience in Switzerland. I appear in the photo alongside Juan de la Cruz.

Mr Enrique Tierno

A Citibank gathering, when we received a visit from Mr Enrique Tierno, the Mayor of Madrid.



From 1990 to 1998, I commenced the second chapter of my professional career at RENFE, as the Corporate Director for Quality Management, in the areas of Communications (Quality), Training (Quality), Client Perception Surveys (Quality) and Supplier Quality Compliance (with Mr Manuel Benegas).

From 1999 to 2004 I took leave of absence from Renfe to act as the General Director for FUNDIBEQ (The Ibero-American Foundation for Quality Management). I was the Spanish representative at EFQM, Brussels, designing the “2000 European Model of Excellence in Management” and I was also a key figure in the creation of the “Ibero-American Model of Excellence in Management” for FUNDIBEQ. In 2005 I rejoined Renfe and later, when Renfe segregated Adif, I took on the role of Corporate Manager for Quality Management at Adif.



I coordinated the excellent Work Group, led by Juan Luis Martin Cuesta, who entered AVE-RENFE into the EFQM European “Public Sector” Quality Award, receiving the Award for the Best European Public Sector Company in 1998. At 3M, General Motors and Citibank I published over 100 articles related to Training, Strategic Planning, Communications and Quality.


In the year 2000, Grupo Cifesal commissioned the journalist and researcher Adolfo Martín Miranda to document and publish a book on the outstanding improvement in Quality at Renfe in the past 10 years. The book “10 años de Gestion de Calidad en Renfe, 10 años que cambiaron un siglo“ (10 years of Quality Management at Renfe, 10 years that changed a century) was published. The prologue was written by Mr Miguel Corsini, the President of Renfe and the Presentation by Mr Emilio de Ybarra, the President of BBVA. The book documents the Programmes that I designed and implemented over the decade.

Representing Spain, CO-AUTHOR of the 2000 EFQM MODEL

As mentioned above, I was the Spanish member of the Model Development Steering Group of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM, Brussels) and I developed the European Model for Business Excellence for the year 2000. I taught the Training course (in accordance with the EFQM Management Excellence Model) and I have certified over 250 evaluators in Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Mexico DF, Monterrey, Havana, Santo Domingo, Lima, Lisbon, Madrid, Bogotá, San Pablo and Porto Alegre.


Foundation of FUNDIBEQ

After coming up with the idea in 1998, I designed and promoted the foundation of the “Ibero-American Foundation for Quality Management” (FUNDIBEQ) and took on the role of General Director (with a special leave of absence from Renfe). I presented the draft version of the Ibero-American Model of Excellence in Management and the Rules for the Ibero-American Quality Award at the First FUNDIBEQ Convention, held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The results of the work groups were presented at the 9th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in Havana, invited by the President of the Republic of Cuba.



In the year 2000 I participated in the 10th Summit, invited by the President of the Republic of Panama, where the first Ibero-American Quality Awards were granted by FUNDIBEQ and presented by His Majesty The King of Spain, the President of the United Mexican States and the President of the Republic of Chile.

The Lima Summit

The 11th Summit was held in Lima. The photo shows the moment that I handed over the trophy to President Toledo, who then presented it to the winning Peruvian company.

Winning Spanish companies

Photo of His Majesty The King, Juan Carlos I, with the winning Spanish companies.

In Santo Domingo

Talking to the President of the Dominican Republic, Hipólito Mejía, moments before presenting the Quality Awards alongside members of the Government of the Dominican Republic.

Winning Mexican companies

Photo of the President of Mexico, Mr Vicente Fox, alongside the winning Mexican companies.

Quality Awards

While I acted as General Director, at all of the Ibero-American Summits of Heads of State and Government the Quality Awards were presented by His Majesty The King, Juan Carlos I. There is an important graphic background to these moments.

At the Plaza de España in Seville

In 2003 the Panel met in Seville. We all have fond memories of these unforgettable Andalusian gatherings.


Award Panel

Award panel in Havana to discuss the companies that obtained sufficient points to win the award.

At El Capitolio. Havana

I had the honour of attending a conference at the Cuban Capitol building, in Havana. This was the day of the closing ceremony for the 4 seminars held in Cuba to train evaluators for the Fundibeq Award, in collaboration with the University of Havana.


The Award

Recognition to Individuals for Exceptional Contributions to Ibero-American Quality 2004

At the Costa Rica Summit

Moment in which Their Majesties The King and Queen share in the Award that I received at the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State in Costa Rica.

In 2001 I received an award from the Spanish Quality Management Club as one of the executives who, through my performance and dedication, has contributed to consolidating the pathway of the Club and Excellence in Spain. I received the same award in Uruguay (presented by the President of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay), in Peru (presented by Mr Luis Tenorio), Chile (presented by Mr Mario Alburquerque), Argentina (presented by Ms Beatriz Asaad) and Paraguay.

In Costa Rica, the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government and Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain presented me with the Summit medal for my “…outstanding contributions to Quality Management in Ibero-America”.


I have presented my experience at RENFE (design and implementation of effective improvement programmes) at several International Conferences and Congresses on Quality, both for public (mainly European railway companies) and private companies: New York, Prague, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Berlin, Edinburgh, Jerusalem, etc.

With the collaboration of RENFE’s Corporate Quality Team, I have written, supervised and edited 22 books on Training and Quality Management. I have provided training in business matters at the following Universities: Carlos III (Madrid), Polytechnic (Madrid), Autonomous (Madrid), Cantabria (Santander), Complutense (Madrid), Nebrisensis (Madrid), EOI Business School (Madrid), CEU San Pablo (Madrid), Technical University of Havana (Cuba), University of the Pacific (Peru), Technological University of Monterrey (Mexico) and IACER (Portugal).


The Panel also met in Uruguay and I was invited by the President of the Republic, Mr Jorge Batlle, to give a conference on Quality.


I have given dozens of conferences and seminars in the Ibero-American countries, Europe, the USA and Israel. In this photo I am giving a conference at La Casa de España in New York.



In 2004, representatives of over 50,000 public and private Ibero-American organisations applied to FUNDIBEQ (M. Corsini as President and myself as General Director) to receive the Prince of Asturias Award in International Cooperation.

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